July 22, 2020


At Banyan Imports, we respect your privacy. We take data protection, data abuse prevention, and data loss prevention as top priorities. We have the ability to safely and reliably handle the data of our stakeholders, and we are grateful for them trusting us.

General Guidelines

All data processing is based on the Amazon Marketplace Developer Agreement.

We attach great importance to the trust you have shown to us when you entrust your personal information to us, and will only use your information with your permission and consent. In addition, Banyan Imports will only legally store your data for a reasonable period of time. After this, we will delete data we have collected. We will provide a comprehensive overview of the types of information collected, how the data is used, and whether it is shared with any third parties upon request.

  1. We will only use marketplace APIs that are permitted for approved Amazon seller activities and only use them for sellers who authorize us to perform such activities on their behalf.
  2. We guarantee that we will never directly or indirectly promote violations of the Amazon Services Business Solutions Agreement, and we will never violate the Amazon Services Business Solutions Agreement ourselves.
  3. We will keep up to date with Amazon policies related to specific APIs and/or special features provided by Amazon.

Offering Quality Applications and Services


  1. We will inform the seller of the data we need to access and its purpose.
  2. We guarantee that we will never mislead sellers by deliberately modifying the marketplace API data.
  3. In the services we provide, the accuracy and timeliness of data obtained by any calculations and models (such as artificial intelligence models) will be specified.


  1. We comply with all applicable data privacy and data protection laws.
  2. We will not provide applications or services that infringe upon the copyrights, patents or trademarks of others.
  3. We will not use, provide, or promote external non-Amazon data services that sell Amazon data, including data retrieved from Amazon’s public-facing website.

Quality & Performance

  1. We will provide the applications required to successfully perform business tasks and ensure their availability, stability and technical support.
  2. Before launching new features, we will clarify and reduce any possible negative seller influence, especially when it comes to key business tasks.
  3. We will inspect the data integrity and verification for any analysis and processing in Amazon’s application that has a significant impact on the seller’s business (for example, artificial intelligence model monitoring and automatic decision-making).

Ensuring Data Security

Account Access

  1. We will never share access keys or account passwords.
  2. We will never ask or accept the seller’s key for any purpose.
  3. We will access accounts only on behalf of sellers who have granted us authorization tokens through a third-party authorization model.
  4. We will not apply for a key that is not being used currently. Amazon will check the access key every ninety (90) days. Those keys that have not successfully sent a request within ninety (90) days will be deleted, and developers will need to re-apply for keys.
  5. We will never query or share the login credentials of the seller center. If necessary, the seller should authorize the sub-account access rights, but only when it is necessary to provide functions or services that benefit the seller through the seller center.

Data Access & Use

  1. We will not access or retrieve information that is unnecessary for our application function implementation.
  2. We will not create multiple developer accounts in the same area to circumvent the limitations concerning request frequency.


Data Sharing

  1. Unless required by law, the separately identified or integrated information obtained through the marketplace API on behalf of the seller shall not be disclosed to other application users or any third party.
  2. We will never calculate or publish opinions about the health of Amazon’s business.
  3. We will comply with Amazon’s data protection policy, which provides specific requirements for the acceptance, storage, use, transmission, and disposal of data obtained through the marketplace API.